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  • Leaf decor Monstera trivets, cork coaster set of 2.
  • Monstera leaf decor table decoration, cork coaster set for dishes.
  • Stylish trendy cork boards with Monstera leaf decor
  • 2 pieces of leaf decor cork coaster set, trivet set.
  • Cork board, pin wall coaster sets Monstera leaf decor
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Leaf Decor - Monstera Leaf Cork Trivet Coaster Wall Decor Set of 2

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Two Monstera Leaf shaped trivets, environmentally friendly cork coasters for your dishes. Have an elegant and trendy design trivet set in your home!

Two Monstera Leaf shaped trivets, environmentally friendly cork coasters for your dishes. Have an elegant and trendy design trivet set in your home!

Create a stylish, organic and functional accent with the set of 2 cork trivets from PepMelon. These light but sturdy trivets provide a soft surface for hot pots, pans, kettles and other cooking vessels and at the same time complement your table top. Can also be used at the dinner table when serving warm dishes straight from the oven. The cork material provides natural traction that helps prevent accidental spills, while it protect your tables and countertops from beverage condensation, water rings, stains and heat stains.

These leaf cork boards are also perfect for use for your own DIY art projects. Create wall decorations or simply use this cork coaster set as a graphic pinboard to add a touch of fun and function to your living space.

Cork – be Eco-friendly

Cork is actually the bark of the cork oak tree. Only the outer layer of bark is harvested at a time, allowing the tree to generate and be harvested all over again in the future, up to 16 times over 200 years.

This process does not harm the tree in any way. Each time the cork is harvested, the tree absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere – helping out our planet.

Eco-friendly, Natural and practical gift idea

Perfect Christmas or Wedding gift idea. Perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas or wedding. But it is a kind and unique gift for moms, grandmothers, those who love to cook, bake and are always in the kitchen. Even on family holidays, you can’t miss a nice, elegant trivet, a cork coaster for a festive lunch or dinner. Eco-friendly and design kitchen accessory Monstera Leaf trivets, cork coaster set.

Buy with the Thrive glas coaster set of 6 together to get the whole Monstera leaf design kitchen set.

Warning! Do not put in a stove, oven or dishwasher.

Handmade Quality

This handmade product is designed and made by PepMelon in Germany. We use machines to cut the main shapes, and help to print our design on the cork material. But we sand and finish and packaging them by hand during our piece by piece quality control.

Content: 2 pcs of trivets, cork coasters, 22x20 cm, 16,5x16 cm, 0,6 cm thick.

The cork material originates in Portugal.

Product number: TRTH33001M.

EAN-Code: 4260685980073.

Made in Germany.

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