Flow Cork Coaster set - How we made video

Excited! How we made our magic FLOW cork coaster set?

Watch it!

Here we share the whole process of the coaster production with you, cutting out from cork sheets, refine and package by hand.

A machine cut out the designed motives. We cut out every pieces of coaster and sand them by hand. Finally refine the motifs made by the machine with a brush. We clean the coasters of dust and the packing can begin. Paper folding, paper ribboning, boxing and lastly labeling. This is how every piece of our cork coasters we send to resellers or you buy directly from us is made. Watch the video!


Get this unique handmade cork coaster set!

A perfect Christmas gift for family and friends! Don't need any extra packaging, and we provide also a gift card with your own unique message on it! The best wishes for Christmas, Birthday or any other event for colleagues and friends.

Flow cork coaster set with nature motives - eco-friendly product, design unique gift idea.
Flow cork coaster set with nature motives - eco-friendly product, design unique gift idea.

Six environmentally friendly cork coasters, milled with the pattern of nature. Let your energy flow! Indeed, 6 pieces different design in the coaster set. You can also find a rainbow, a leaf, a mountain, or a wave, the sea. What would be your favourite? Besides, a nice design accessory for yoga, meditation, for a calm tea at home or with friends. Gorgeous to decorate other gatherings, studios, offices that promote healing, self-knowledge and provide natural balance. An eco-friendly natural product for those who love and respect nature.

You can buy it here in the shop, or on Amazon you can find the Flow cork coaster set as well. The Flow coaster set on Etsy at our shop too.

Why Cork is so amazing material?

Shortly: is a natural, renewable and recyclable, biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

A fantastic material that is the bark of a cork tree. Also this tree collects the carbon dioxide of the air in its bark for 200 years, during which time people can harvested the bark and grown 16 times.

As well as this material is 100% recyclable while making almost any wood product.

Furthermore it's Hypoallergenic and Fire resistant! Know more! Read our article about the magic cork!

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