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  • Playtime surprise box Christmas gift idea for kids and families
  • Kids Surprise Box, crafting, maze mania book, paper set, cutes cork coaster set worth 60€
  • Kids Surprise box, paper straw, crafts, mazes, carton, craft paper, diy guides, 3d model, worksheets, cute cork coaster set
  • Playtime surprise box for kids with crafts maze book and cute coasters
  • Kids surprise box, car diy craft, 3d paper model, mooving diy car for kids, worksheet, creative ideas
  • Maze Mania Labyrinth Mania –  Fun and Challenging Mazes for Children 4-8
  • Labyrinth Mania is full of mazes to entertain, stimulate and challenge the children.
  • This maze book contains 113 mazes in different levels of difficulty from easy to medium.
  • This colourful book offers a variety of multi-coloured entertainment while concentrating on focused attention and complex, planned solution-based thinking.
  • Cutes cork coaster set without box, cute animals
  • Cutes cork coaster printed black panda, rabbit, bear, llama, kitten
  • Colored Cutes cork coaster set crafting with kids
  • Playtime creative hobby kit gift for kids Christmas Birthday present
  • Playtime eco-friendly gift for kids Christmas Birthday cute animals, llama, bear, panda, ckitten, labyrinth, crafts robot, car modelling
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Playtime surprise box for kids, craft kit for girls and boys

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Craft kit for girls and boys - It's playtime in worth of 60€! The perfect eco-friendly gift box for kids and families!

  • The content of the surprise box:
  • Car 3D model cut and glue template with 5 straws and cork wheels to move the car
  • Tiger drawing, colouring, glueing + mazes worksheet
  • Big Mouth colouring, playing + Elephant puzzle worksheet
  • DIY guides with video tutorial for these tasks
  • Colourful Paper set 35 pcs in 26 colour, 80 g/qm, 160 g/qm, 230 g/qm
  • Maze Mania Book with Llama bookmark for kids ages between 4 and 8
  • Cutes cork coaster set for drink, or for colouring, llama, panda, kitten, rabbit, bear, sloth cute animals.

An eco-friendly present box, which contains so much activity, craft for kids, which can develop kids' skills.
The perfect craft kit gift for Birthday party or for Halloween activity, even for Christmas.
the whole family can be part of a creative pastime. Creative gift ideas for families with young children. A great surprise craft kit box under the Christmas tree.

Playtime surprise box contains eco-friendly gifts, natural products.

Cork is a natural product, the best eco-friendly gift idea. The papers also eco-friendly, made without chemicals,

Environmentally friendly quality paper:

- Ecolabel
- FSC certified paper
- OBA free
- EN71-3 toy safety
- ECF certification
- free from heavy metals

The perfect choice for environmentally conscious families.
EAN-Code: 4260685980509
SKU: SUBO 33002