It's more than a tree, it's cork.

It's more than a tree, it's cork.

A fantastic material that is the bark of a cork tree.

🌳 This tree collects the carbon dioxide of the air in its bark for 200 years🙀, during which time the bark can be harvested and grown 16 times.🙌

This material is 100% recyclable 💚

while making almost any wood product.

It is no coincidence that they are in high fashion, many people use them as textiles (although they do contain plastic for touch effect).

Others began collecting and 🌱recycling and reusing corks of 🍷wine bottles. Big cosmetic brands are switching from plastic to cork jars.

Why can't we do that too?

Why not make the 21st Century's greatest creative skill toys and creative hobby kits out of cork?

Why do not you replace your kitchen and home decor wood products with cork?

it's more than a tree, it's cork.

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