Jumbo Box Pink – Craft Kit for girls, from 6-8 years

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Craft Kit for girls, craft instructions with creative ideas – Crafting Box for girls, from 6-8 years.

The Pink Jumbo Box creative set offers dozens of play options and at the same time develops children’s skills.

Create a collage picture postcard or a friendship bracelet, make a 3D Cat, decorate and play  with the cork shapes, find your way in the maze. Many creative ideas can be found on our A6 cards craft instructions in the craft box and also 5 worksheets for the best creative pastime.

Let your girl's creativity flow, let the Pink soar! Find who lives in the flowery meadow, bees flying from flower to flower, butterflies playing with each other. Or will it be a little kitten? Do you need a picture postcard or friendship bracelet for a present?

The Pink Jumbo Box creative set offers dozens of play options and at the same time develops children’s skills. With the Bababoo cut and glue templates, your child can make a real 3D kitten. With the templates they can also create a beautiful collage picture postcard. Or just play with the cork Pink or Sheep, paint it or use the cotton yarns to make it unique!

5 creative worksheets and the craft ideas help children to learn and practice several techniques, to develop children's skills, such as cutting, gluing, folding - origami, following lines, colouring. Solution based thinking and visual perception development are also important, so the agamograph or Bababoo cut and glue template help children to think in 3D models and perspectives, just like the other activities and experiments with straws give them new experiences .

Heart, Flower, Stars and Pink cork shapes can be used to learn to count, divide, multiply easily or make decorations and invitation cards for children's birthday's parties. Each item and worksheet can be used in many ways, the limit being set only by your imagination.

Our great craft kit is an ideal gift idea for girls and boys for children's birthday parties, but also a craft kit for adults to spend a happy and quality time together with children.

We suggest our craft kit from age 6-8 basically for girls, based on the topic and content of the box, but every child, boys also, will find a play or craft idea in the box from age 4 up to age 14.

Cork – be Eco-friendly

Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material, it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.
And more! Cork is hypoallergenic, and also very light, and there's no need to cut down a tree to make these products.
Cork doesn’t absorb liquid, so don't worry if the kids play with them in water.

Handmade Quality

This handmade product is designed and made by PepMelon. We use machines to cut the main shapes, and help to print our design on the cork material. But we sand and finish them by hand during our piece by piece quality control.
We sort all our Paper sets by hand.  We designed this concept and created all the packaging design, also we package our sets by hand.


  • A dozen creative ideas on A6 size cards (6 pcs).
  • 42 pcs of cork shapes (3-5 cm, 3 mm thick) - printed and natural.
    Shapes of 4x Butterflies, 6x Stars, 6x Flowers, 6x Hearts and 2x Numbers 0-9.
  •  1-1 pcs of cork Pink and Sheep, Ø 9 cm, 6mm thickness.
  • 7 pcs cotton yarn (3m) in in 7 different colours: Mint, Natural, Pale Green, Vanilla, Tile Blue, Silver, Dahlia.
  • 4 pcs coloured striped straw (Ø 6 mm) and 1 pcs (Ø 8 mm) of brown straw.
  • 1 pcs of Bababoo cut and shape templates. Cat.
  • 5 pcs of coloured paper with different things to do, like origami, maze, colouring and other activities.
  • 35 pcs of colour papers in 26 colours and 3 thicknesses - 80 g/qm, 160 g/qm, 230 g/qm.

The cork material originates in Portugal.
Product number: JB33001
EAN-Code: 4270000263781
Made in Germany

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.