PepMelon - Creative Energy, inspires and develops

Through the years we keep to our original goal: to give something to others, something that encourages, develops, improves. We've started our journey at the end of 2017, when we finally decided to make PepMelon live!

The meaning of PepMelon is what you feel, when you say it. "Pep" - energy and high spirits, liveliness. "Melon" - sweet, fresh, and always make you smile. Every kid have to feel it, every person has to experience it! So we made our first original Craft Kit, Jumbo Box.

Jumbo Box is a huge collection of crafts, what you may need to create animals, greeting cards, masks or handmade gifts. The Original Jumbo Box started to sell in August 2018. We were surprised how great was the first reaction, how you loved our Creative Set, and we were suddenly out of stock at the middle of November, just at the beginning of the Christmas sale. We are trying our best to avoid it in the future, and keep our stock always full for you.

Our Holiday was spent with time to make new decisions about new products. In February 2019 started the production of the Celebration Edition Jumbo Box which also contains creative ideas with drawings, and also has some pompoms, but it is just like fireworks!!! Really!! Glitter & Celebration, be it Christmas, New Year, Baby Birth, Easter, Halloween or Birthday. You'll get everything you need for a whole year! In June the Box will start its life, going to sale.

But we know, how you love those creative ideas, what we share with you through Instagram and our Blog with downloadable templates. So we just created our first Craft Book to our Original Jumbo Box, with 31 creative ideas through 100 pages and 7 topics with beautiful graphics and photos about the handmade DIY ideas. And we added also 7 cutting templates at the end of the book. This Craft Book is just the beggining, we hope it could be a series, one sure, the next one will fit to the Celebration Box. The E-Book versions with downloadable PDF templates Link will be always available too. Well, it happened so, the Book story started just now, at the end of May 2019.

What's next? Coming more and more and more... We are growing, we have so many ideas, such like stationary products and more creative sets. Keep with us! Follow us on Instagram and Subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified in time about our new products and get our Launch promotions as well!